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The easy way to manage tour leader expenses

FairFX Corporate Cards make it easier to manage expenses for tour leaders at home and abroad. Give cards to your team to instantly provide the funds they need, wherever they are in the world.

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FairFX Corporate Card and Expense Platform

  • Instantly provide funds to tour leaders, reps and staff all over the world.
  • Order as many cards as you need, for staff based in the UK and abroad.
  • Track and report on spending all from one online platform.
  • Staff can request card top-ups on the go through our mobile app.

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Tour leaders can only spend what you load on a prepaid Mastercard® accepted worldwide.


Track and report exactly where and how much your staff have spent using one integrated platform.


Use the cards for free in the UK and get market leading exchange rates abroad.

Frequently asked questions

Who should I give a card to?

Give cards to your team in the UK and abroad to pay for expenses, manage tour budgets and pay suppliers. You can attach as many cards to your account as you need and set user permissions with different levels of security access.

How much does it cost?

For an account fee of only £50 per year, you get unlimited access to the online Expense Platform, dedicated account support and 24/7 Mastercard card support. A card issuance fee of £10 per card also applies.

Can staff request card top-ups?

Yes, by simply downloading the FairFX Business mobile app your team ping you a notification through the app if they need more funds for unexpected expenses or last-minute purchases. You approve requests with a few taps and their cards are automatically loaded with the funds. Simple.

How do I see my tour leaders’ card transactions, balances, etc.?

Account controllers get full access to the FairFX Expense Platform where you can view all your cardholders’ transactions, load more funds, move money between cards, order more cards and block cards as necessary.

International Payments

Sending money overseas for supplier payments should be simple and free - with FairFX it is. Pay hotels, hospitality providers, agencies, and other overseas suppliers at great rates.

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