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Over half a million people in the UK have saved money with us and turned their backs on expensive rates and sneaky charges from airports, the high street and even their banks.

Here you can compare FairFX exchange rates with others providers in the market to ensure you get the best deal before you buy.

FairFX Cards
Euro € US Dollar $
FairFX Currency Card 1.2869 1.4328
AA Card 1.2385 1.3860
Post Office Travel Money Card Plus 1.2560 1.4090
Travelex(Heathrow)* 1.1546 1.2982

Non-FairFX rates updated Friday, May 27 2016.

* Travelex rate is the rate for reloading your Travelex Cash Passport at a Travelex airport outlet.

Travel Cash
Euro € US Dollar $
FairFX Cash delivered by post 1.2881 1.4342
Marks & Spencer 1.2726 1.4230
HSBC 1.2518 1.4010
Post Office 1.4328 1.2799
Travelex (Airport) 1.1546 1.2982

Non-FairFX rates updated 27 May 2016 05:05 PM

All the above rates are indicative rates for £1000 including all commission and handling fees.

5 Top Tips for ordering your travel money

  1. Order in plenty of time before you travel.
  2. Sign up to email Rate Alerts and be the first to know when rates hit a new high.
  3. Don’t exchange money at the airport as they often provide the worst rates.
  4. Beware of hidden fees. FairFX prides itself on being transparent but many currency providers aren’t and they can leave you out of pocket with sneaky charges.
  5. Don’t rely on one method of payment; take a look at our FairFX Cards for a secure way to make payments abroad.