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FairFX Prepaid MasterCard®

Currency cards - a better way to manage your travel money

Opodo and FairFX have teamed up to offer customers a free* FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® (usually £9.95).

FairFX currency cards are a new, smarter way to spend travel money abroad. Simply pre-load US dollars or euros onto your FairFX card and then use it like a debit card at shops, restaurants and other outlets, or to withdraw money at cashpoints.

The FairFX currency card provides business rates of foreign exchange, saving you up to 10%** on inferior rates at airports, bureaux de change or banks. Cards are Chip/PIN protected for your security.

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Enquiries: enquiries@fairfx.com
Lost cards: 01753 775961

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*Minimum load £50 / €60 / $75 required.  View full terms and conditions
**Based on comparing FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® rates against selected walk-up airport cash rates

NEW!!  Introducing the FairFX Anywhere Card

The FairFX Anywhere Card is the latest addition to the FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® family. Just as the name suggests, use it anywhere - in any country, in any currency and with any vendor displaying the MasterCard® acceptance mark!

It's essentially a FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® in Pounds Sterling, with funds being converted to the appropriate currency at the point of sale. Unlike some of our competitors, we don't mark up the prevailing interbank exchange rate!

  • The standard card fee is £9.95 for initial loads under £500.
  • A 1.4% charge is made on all usage, ATM or point of sale, using the FairFX Anywhere Card, in the UK, on the internet, or abroad - Anywhere!. An ATM fee of £1.50 (UK) or £1 (elsewhere) applies to cash withdrawals.

Key benefits

  • Market-leading currency exchange rates - see rate comparisons below
  • No management fees or hidden charges - save up to 5% on the cost of using your existing credit card or debit card
  • No purchase transactions fees for Euro and Dollar Currency Cards
  • Low fees (€1.50/$2) for cash withdrawals for Euro and Dollar Currency Cards
  • 1.4% transaction fees with the FairFX Anywhere Card
  • More secure and convenient than cash - just load and spend
  • Accepted at millions of outlets

FairFX currency card compared to travel cash providers (per £1)
  US Dollars $ Euros €
FairFX currency card 1.2740 1.1320
HSBC 1.2755 1.1075
Marks & Spencer 1.2958 1.0981
Post Office 1.3065 1.1128
Travelex (Airport) 1.0700 0.9500

Rates updated 18 Apr 2019 10:31 AM

Euro card

Euro card
Euro card
The FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® is an ideal travelling companion to the eurozone.

US dollar card

US dollar card
US dollar card
The FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® offers market-leading currency exchange rates.
Compare rates with other Euro cards
How much spending money do you get for £1000?
  FairFX Travelex
Euro rate - £1 1.1320 0.9726
ATM cash withdrawal €0.00 €0.00
€ spending money# €1132.00 €972.60
Compare rates with other US Dollar cards
How much spending money do you get for £1000?
  FairFX Travelex
US Dollar rate - £1 1.2740 1.1062
ATM cash withdrawal $0.00 $0.00
$ spending money# $1274.00 $1106.20

#Based on loading £1000 and 10 ATM withdrawals
Rates updated 18 Apr 2019 10:31 AM