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FairFX partners with Vizeat

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FairFX, the low cost multi currency payments service, has today announced a partnership with Europe’s largest social dining network, Vizeat.

Described as the “Airbnb of food”, VizEat is a social dining platform, which seeks to give tourists access to authentic culinary experiences by connecting them with local hosts. FairFX is excited to be partnering with VizEat, which has enjoyed tremendous growth and has the potential to expand to a global scale.

Since being founded in 2014, VizEat has 90,000 members from more than 100 countries; the number of food experiences it offers has grown by 50% every month and its website is now available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

With both companies focused on making sure their customers get more out of their holiday experience, the new partnership will benefit customers of both VizEat and FairFX. The partnership is designed to offer customers access to unique experiences while getting the best value for money when they travel overseas.

The agreement with Vizeat offers FairFX customers a discount to enjoy an authentic culinary experience with local hosts, such as a shared meal, a food tour or a cooking class. And VizEat customers will benefit from preferential exchange rates and FairFX prepaid currency card offers. The customer experience will also be improved through shared tips and advice for all aspects of their holiday.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO of travel money firm FairFX, said: “The new partnership will appeal to consumers who actively seek out authentic travel experiences. VizEat helps people to quickly weed out the tourist traps - the inauthentic, expensive restaurants invariably located in tourist hotspots. We’re excited to give our customers access to unforgettable and authentic travel moments through this partnership while at the same time introducing new customers to the cost-saving benefits and convenience of a prepaid currency card.”

VizEat co-founder Jean-Michel Petit said: “We are delighted to partner with FairFX. We believe that the dining table is the original social network and VizEat connects travellers with authentic culinary experiences. By working with FairFX we’re able to offer more travellers the opportunity to make the most of their holidays by meeting and eating with locals, facilitating new friendships and creating lasting memories.”

To make sure you have a great holiday food experience, here are five unique ways to explore, get a taste of authentic food and eat like a local - all without breaking the bank - on your travels.

  1. Food markets – wander through; take the opportunity to absorb the sights and smells - but most importantly – the tastes of your new destination.

  2. Eat with a local – while getting together and sharing a meal around a table dates back thousands of years, the ability to share a meal with people you meet online is a relatively new phenomenon. Social dining for travellers is a modern way to experience traditional cuisine in people’s homes, cooked and shared by locals themselves. Platforms like VizEat connect travellers and local hosts in more than 70 countries as well as offering local food walking tours, cooking classes and foodie experiences you’re unlikely to find in the guidebooks.

  3. Food trucks – The US is famous for its bustling food truck scene and sets the trend worldwide with food trucks now commonplace at events, festivals and markets everywhere. Find one on your US holiday through RoamingHunger.

  4. Street food – What better way to experience local cuisine in a new city than right on the streets you’re pounding? A great destination to try street food is Singapore with its blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines. Local “hawker” markets feature a concoction of street vendors selling uniquely Singaporean dishes like Ikan Bakar - barbecued stingray smothered in a spicy fish chilli sauce known as sambal.

  5. Experience a food festival – try fresh, local food and produce from across the country you’re visiting. You’re spoilt for choice in Europe with the Mitt Kök Gothenburg in Sweden serving around 3,000 meals or Eurochocolate Perugia – an Italian chocolate exhibition – both in October.


About Vizeat
VizEat is the leading social dining platform in Europe which connects travellers and local hosts around an authentic culinary experience at their home. It is a unique way to exchange with people from all around the world and to discover new cultures around food.

VizEat was founded in early 2014 in France and raised €1m in a seed funding round led by UK-based Eurovestech Plc; in February 2015 it acquired Paris-based pioneer Cookening, effectively becoming the European leader in the growing culinary experience sharing space. Today VizEat has 90,000 members from more than 100 countries; the number of food experiences it offers has grown by 50% every month and its website is now available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. A mobile app for VizEat is available now for download for iOS.

About FairFX
FairFX is a leading prepaid card, travel money and international payment services provider, offering services to customers in the UK since 2007. Its customer offering includes Prepaid Currency Cards, Travel Cash and International Money Transfers to both personal and business customers. FairFX was named as one of 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain by London Stock Exchange in 2013 and registered on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in August, 2014.

Wednesday 31 August 2016, 08:54am

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