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Revealed: The cheapest week of the summer holidays


It costs a lot more to go on holiday during the school summer break, but you can save £459 by choosing the cheapest, rather than most expensive, week to get away.

You can knock 21% off the cost of a summer holiday with the family by choosing the right week to get away, new figures show, without having to risk fines by pulling your children out of class in term time.

Currency firm FairFX looked at the cost of more than 700 holidays this summer to popular holiday destinations Majorca, the Algarve and Gran Canaria, to see if there was any way for families to escape the sumer holiday hikes – and found there were huge differences in price depending on when you book.

It found a family departing on the weekend of August 27 could save £459 compared with one flying out on August 6.

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Tuesday 19 July 2016, 09:18am

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