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Tired of The Post Office and Bureau De Change rates?

Being tired of The Post Office and Bureau De Change rates, I carried out extensive research on other options for exchanging Sterling for Euros.

I found that the FairFX Euro card was the ideal option for my European travel. For me, there is no better way to spend cash in Europe, the FairFX card has the best rate by far, and it’s so much safer and easier than carrying cash.

I also use my Euro card in the UK, in fact, I don't even use normal bank cards or credit cards, the FairFX cards are my primary plastic! Not long after finding the FairFX Euro card, I quickly decided to order the FairFX Dollar card.

And after 8 months of being with FairFX, I have decided to order another Euro card as a back-up should my primary card get lost, stolen or damaged.

I am extremely pleased with every aspect of the FairFX cards, and I'm also very happy with the "personal" customer service that FairFX offer.

Whether via email or phone, every request is carried out efficiently, and every question accurately answered, exactly as asked, and promptly.

I would recommend the FairFX cards to anyone that travels in Europe or countries that accept the Dollar.

The bottom line is, FairFX give me the best rates and a tight service to back everything up.

Matthew Wilson

Ross-Shire, Scotland

Tuesday 23 June 2009, 01:00pm

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