Travel Money

"I will use this method again..."

"I read about your service in a newspaper . Probably Guardian or Observer. Seemed a good way to manage the currency.

I should have done it earlier as I had to leave almost as soon as I got the card and was worried about the pin.

In fact having contacted you we got it over the phone and that worked well.

I also bought some cash from various sources to take as well as the card and it was lucky I did so because in Germany there is still a great reluctance to take cards, and some will not accept Master Card. My usual card is also Master card so I really did have to pay in cash.

The majority of places that did accept the card were still using the ''signature'' method rather than the pin.

I will use this method again provided I think the exchange rate is better than I would get using my ordinary card and would be happy to recommend to others.

Our next trip abroad takes us to the Ukraine and then a ship landing up in Istanbul, not sure it will help much on this journey!"

Mr Lloyd,


Friday 20 June 2008, 02:07pm

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