Free Currency Card & Family & Friends Card *

Looking for a smarter way to manage your money overseas?

Highly Competitive Rates
Convenient to use
Chip & PIN secure


*New FAIRFX customers only. You must load £50+ to qualify for a free currency card. To qualify for the free F&F card, you must load £550 or more.

The smart way to manage your money abroad!

Take control of your money and family spending when you're abroad. Top-up before you spend, using our website, mobile app or SMS. Use your FAIRFX card in shops, restaurants or ATMs, in over 210 countries.

Take your money further with a FAIRFX Prepaid Currency Card



  • Make spending abroad a little more relaxed and hassle free
  • Top-up and check your balance online using our App or SMS service


  • Highly competitive exchange rates. Fix the rate when loading with the Euro and Dollar cards
  • 0% Management fees and no hidden charges


  • Chip and PIN protected for your security
  • Accepted anywhere that displays the Mastercard Acceptance Mark

Choose the card that is right for you…

€ - EUR FAIRFX Euro Currency Card

The best way to spend whilst travelling in the Eurozone

Lock in excellent Euro rates before you travel, when the rate is favourable and spend Euros when you arrive.

$ - USD FAIRFX USD Currency Card

The smart way to spend in the USA and any country that accepts US Dollars.

Lock in excellent USD rates before you travel, when the rate is favourable and spend Dollars when you arrive. Zero transaction fees when used in the currency stated.

£ - GBP FAIRFX Anywhere Currency Card

Use your card anywhere in the world in any currency!

Load Sterling onto your card and your funds will be converted at the point of purchase to the local currency with only a 1.4% transaction fee

See how it works...

Why our customers love FAIRFX!

David Remblence, February 2015

Our USA card is so convenient

“Our USD card is so convenient to use and was accepted at all the places we visited. I could not have wished for a better card to use then FAIRFX.”

David Remblence
February 2015

David Harris, February 2015

If you have a problem FAIRFX are always there to help

“I chose FAIRFX by way of a recommendation and I have not been disappointed. I have found my FAIRFX card to be very easy to load and very easy to use. If you have a problem FAIRFX are always there to help.”

David Harris
February 2015

Steve Stone, February 2015

Very convenient and easy to save money!

“I load my card whenever the rate is good and top up through the app while I’m travelling. Very convenient and easy to save money!”

Steve Stone
February 2015

Jeff Cozens, February 2015

The FAIRFX card is the best way to spend abroad!

“I registered with FAIRFX six months ago and haven’t looked back. As a frequent traveller I find it’s a great way to carry money abroad. Not only do I get great rates, I also have the benefit of knowing my money is safe as it’s Chip & PIN protected. I’ve also downloaded the mobile app which makes the service so much easier. I’ve already recommended the card to my family and friends and wouldn’t hesitate to use it next time I’m on holiday.”

Jeff Cozens
February 2015

Aimee White, January 2015

My FAIRFX Anywhere card provides me with added security

“My FAIRFX Anywhere card provides me with added security as I no longer need to carry cash. It's also gave me huge savings on my travel money as a whole whilst I travelled throughout non-EU countries.”

Aimee White
January 2015

Elsie Copland, October 2014

Over the moon with FAIRFX!

“We have used our FAIRFX card for over five years now. We have recommended the cards to our family and used them all over the world. We just spent three weeks on the Grand Bahama Island and brought the $ at $1.65 !!! Over the moon! Thank you FAIRFX, we love you!”

Elsie Copland
October 2014

Fenella St John, February 2014

I used my card all over the world

“I used my card on a gap year all over the world – it helped me to budget and keep my money safe.”

Fenella St John
February 2014