Top Card Tips

1. Where can I use my FairFX Card?

You can use your FairFX Prepaid Mastercard® in over 210 countries. Use it in shops and restaurants, anywhere you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

2. Go mobile with our app

Use the FairFX app to top-up your card, check your balance, send money abroad, keep up to date on currency news and to get in touch with our customer service team.

Available on iOS and Android, our app provides a hassle-free way of managing your currency card on the go.

  • Download on the App Store
  • Download App on Google PLay

3. Family and Friends cards

This is an easy way to give a FairFX card on your account to family members or friends aged 13 or over for just £6.00. You load and manage the card from your existing login, giving you control and flexibility dealing with your family member or friend's holiday money.

Find out more about our Family and Friends Cards.

4. Always pay in the local currency

Some merchants will ask you which currency you would like to pay in when abroad. Make sure you always choose the local currency and avoid paying in Sterling; otherwise you permit the merchant to choose the exchange rate, which may be a poor one.

5. Don’t worry about leftover money when you get home

Don't destroy your card after your trip! Remember that your FairFX Currency Card is valid for 3 years and you can top it up again before your next trip. Keep your card safe for future use!

If you return home to the UK with money left on your card you can either leave it on your card for your next trip, or you can use your FairFX Card for purchases in the UK. This does however incur a small ‘out of currency’ fee of 1.75% on Euro and Dollar Cards*, and 1.4% on the Everywhere Card. If you use your card in an ATM in the UK, or abroad, an additional £1, €1.50 or $2.00 fee applies.

6. Euro card for Euros and Dollar card for Dollars

Remember that you can only load a Euro card with Euros and a Dollar card with Dollars. Although you can use any FairFX card throughout the world, you'll need to order a currency-specific card to lock-in our best exchange rates.

7. Order in plenty of time before travelling

Our cards usually arrive within 5 working days. In exceptional circumstances it might take slightly longer. If you are travelling in the next 5 working days try our next-day Travel Cash service.

8. ATM withdrawal limits

We recommend using your FairFX Card for purchases where possible, rather than cash. You can make up to three ATM withdrawals a day and ten over a four-day period. If you exceed these limits the card will be temporarily locked for ATM usage.

9. Topping up using a debit/credit card

Ensure you use a card registered to the same address listed under your FairFX account to avoid the payment failing.

10. Loading a FairFX Card using bank transfer

When topping up your FairFX Currency Card via bank transfer you will be given a unique payment reference number, which begins "FXP". This number is different for every transaction and must be placed in the reference field when transferring money to us so we can identify your funds.

11. Lost/Stolen Cards

If your card is lost or stolen you must tell us as soon as possible by calling our 24-hr helpline on +44 (0)1753 775 961 (normal UK landline charges apply), through our mobile app or online by selecting the ‘Lost/Stolen’ option in the ‘Cards’ tab in My Account. If you do not report and cancel a lost or stolen card you may lose the money you have on it. There is a £6, €9 or $12 replacement fee to issue a new card.

12. Where shouldn’t I use my FairFX Card?

It’s best not to use your FairFX Card when checking into a hotel or hiring a car as they may process a ‘pre-authorisation’. No money is actually taken from your card but funds are ring-fenced to cover against non-payment for up to 21 days. These funds are therefore not available to spend on your card. The best solution is to use a debit or credit card when checking in and then use your FairFX Card, with its great rates, to settle your bill when you check out or settle the account.

There is a service restriction on some prepaid cards at some self-service petrol pumps and motorway tollbooths, particularly in France. This is because the services used at these terminals do not check the balance of a card before taking payment and could potentially take a prepaid card into a negative balance. So for this reason any such terminals are not able to accept prepaid cards.

13. Commission charges in the United States

If you use your card in restaurants and bars in the USA, you will see a separate transaction described as ‘Commission’ on your statement. The value of the commission transaction will be for 15% of your authorised transaction amount. It is commonplace for restaurants and bars in the USA to authorise transactions on the payment card before customers have had the chance to add a tip to their bill.

For transactions from restaurants and bars FairFX places a ‘hold’ of 15% of the authorised amount on your card until the final amount is confirmed by the merchant. Until the final amount is confirmed, a ‘commission’ amount will show on your statement to ensure sufficient funds are available on your card should a tip be charged.

This ‘Commission’ amount will be held until the Merchant confirms the final transaction amount. Merchants typically finalise payments within three days but it can take longer and is controlled by the merchant. Merchants can only add tips to your card if you’ve agreed to it. During the hold period, you will not have access to the preauthorised amount.

14. Contacting us

The best method of communicating with us is to e-mail and let us know the problem you are having and the last 4 digits of your FairFX Card number.

*Effective May 20th 2017