FairFX currency cards

Great value, convenience and security

FairFX currency cards are a revolutionary step forward in how consumers spend money abroad whether for travel, business or even via the internet. The card could save consumers up to 10% on their travel currency and up to 5% on the cost of using their UK debit/credit cards*.

Individuals will literally be getting business level rates of foreign exchange rather than what can be the inferior rates available at airports, bureaux de changes, banks and even other internet sites. Initially available in Euros and US Dollars the cards provide the consumer with great value, convenience and Chip & PIN security.

The FairFX Currency Card is a prepaid MasterCard® Card that works like a debit card. All you do is buy the currency you require on fairfx.com and load the funds onto the card.

* Comparison against Barclays and HSBC gold and corporate platforms

Outstanding value

Business Foreign Exchange rates for the individual

FairFX was created to provide much needed value-for-money and transparency in the Foreign Exchange markets for consumers. The current marketplace has suffered from an out-dated business methodology of bricks-and-mortar and physical cash. FairFX is an internet-based business invested heavily in technology to reduce overheads and pass this saving on to the consumer. Our objective is to provide individuals with Foreign Exchange rates that previously have only been available to businesses. Indeed, the rates available on the FairFX Currency Cards for normal holiday spending are even better than many competitors offer for large transactions such as buying property abroad. For detailed information please compare our rates here.


Simple online process

The FairFX Currency Cards represent a significant development in customer convenience from the initial application process through to re-loading and spending. To apply for a card, consumers simply log on to http://www.fairfx.com and register online in seconds. Customers must be 18 or over. There is no need for extensive form filling or to send us your passport and a utility bill. We do all that online. The card will then be dispatched via post, and when it arrives you retrieve your PIN with a convenient telephone service.

Loading of the card is processed on-line via the website using debit cards, credit cards or direct bank transfers. The balance available to spend on the cards can be easily viewed together with a statement of activity by logging on to the website.


A safe way to spend abroad!

FairFX Currency cards represent a secure method of taking currency abroad. The cards themselves are Chip/PIN protected MasterCard Cards which provides additional protection compared to cash. If the card is lost or stolen the potential loss is limited to the unused balance loaded on the card. In addition it can be cancelled immediately by calling our call centre (24 hours a day) on 01753 775961 (standard UK landline charges apply).

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not apply to your MasterCard Prepaid Card, however in the event that WDCS becomes insolvent, funds that you have loaded are protected against claims made by creditors


  • convenient to use - just load and spend
  • highly competitive exchange rates
  • 0% management fees or hidden charges
  • 0% fees on transactions, low ATM fees for Euro and Dollar Currency Cards use in their own currency
  • 1.4% transaction fees and £1 ATM withdrawal fee with the FairFX Anywhere Card abroad**
  • fix the rate when loading with the € and $ cards so you know what everything costs when using the card
  • load up to £2,500, €3750 or $5000 at any one time
  • chip and PIN protected for your security
  • accepted anywhere that displays the MasterCard Acceptance Mark

** Some ATMs may charge additional fees