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      FairFX Prepaid MasterCard®

      Euro card

      Euro card
      The FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® is an ideal travelling companion to the eurozone.

      US Dollar card

      US dollar card
      The FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® offers market-leading currency exchange rates.
      Compare rates with other Euro cards
      How much spending money do you get for £1000?
      Euro rate - £1 1.1105
      ATM cash withdrawal €0.00
      € spending money# €1110.50
      Compare rates with other US Dollar cards
      How much spending money do you get for £1000?
      US Dollar rate - £1 1.3090
      ATM cash withdrawal $0.00
      $ spending money# $1309.00

      Rates updated 13 Jun 2018 05:56 PM
      #Based on loading £1000 and 10 ATM withdrawals

      Currency cards - a better way to manage your travel money

      Gatwick and FairFX have teamed up to offer customers a free* FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® (usually £9.95).

      FairFX currency cards are a new, smarter way to spend travel money abroad. Simply pre-load US dollars or euros onto your FairFX card and then use it like a debit card at shops, restaurants and other outlets, or to withdraw money at cashpoints.

      The FairFX currency card provides business rates of foreign exchange, saving you up to 10%** on inferior rates. Cards are Chip/PIN protected for your security.

      As soon as you have your own FairFX currency card you’ll be able to lock-in market-leading exchange rates in a timely, convenient manner.

      *Minimum load £50 / €60 / $75 required.  View full terms and conditions
      **Based on comparing FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® rates against selected walk-up cash rates


      NEW!!  Introducing the FairFX Anywhere Card

      The FairFX Anywhere Card is the latest addition to the FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® family. Just as the name suggests, use it anywhere - in any country, in any currency and with any vendor displaying the MasterCard® acceptance mark!

      It's essentially a FairFX Prepaid MasterCard® in Pounds Sterling, with funds being converted to the appropriate currency at the point of sale. Unlike some of our competitors, we don't mark up the prevailing interbank exchange rate!

      The standard card fee is £9.95 for initial loads under £500

      A 1.4% charge is made on all usage, ATM or point of sale, using the FairFX Anywhere Card, in the UK, on the internet, or abroad - Anywhere!. An ATM fee of £1.50 (UK) or £1 (elsewhere) applies to cash withdrawals.

      Key benefits

      • Market-leading currency exchange rates - see rate comparisons below
      • No management fees or hidden charges - save up to 5% on the cost of using your existing credit card or debit card
      • No purchase transactions fees for Euro and Dollar Currency Cards
      • Low fees (€1.50/$2) for cash withdrawals for Euro and Dollar Currency Cards
      • 1.4% transaction fees with the FairFX Anywhere Card
      • More secure and convenient than cash - just load and spend
      • Accepted at millions of outlets
      FairFX currency card compared to travel cash providers (per £1)
        US Dollars $ Euros €
      FairFX currency card 1.3090 1.1105
      HSBC 1.2755 1.0870
      Marks & Spencer 1.2958 1.0981
      Post Office 1.3065 1.1128

      Rates updated 13 Jun 2018 05:56 PM