Getting your business more for it’s money

We combine global payments technology with currency expertise to help you manage your cashflow and expenses, simply and cost-effectively.  

Pay suppliers, business partners or employees worldwide at some of the best rates available. Save time and hassle with our expense management solution, or access our faster payments API to save money on domestic payments.

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Equals Money is trusted by over 10,000 companies around the world.

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International payments

Make global business transfers with support from our experts.

Send money abroad at market-leading exchange rates with transparent, low fees.
Contact our team of currency experts who will help you make the right type of payment at the right time.
Make use of our wide range of payment options, whether it’s for now or for later.
Sign up to daily market updates from our Chief Economist so you and your business are up to speed with all things currency.

Expense management

Take control of what’s being spent and who’s spending it.

Empower your team to spend in over 190 countries at 35 million locations, wherever Mastercard is accepted.
Cut back on the time spent managing expenses and save money with our low fees and great exchange rates.
Block ATM withdrawals, pause/resume cards, manage top ups and more, wherever you are.
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Payment platforms

Make faster domestic payments with the same level of security and compliance you get from the banks.

Send immediate and forward dated payments to, or for, your clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Have real-time visibility over your payments which will arrive in your beneficiaries account in minutes, not days.
Use your own expert account manager to get the most out of all your payments, domestic or international.
Make payments with complete peace of mind by letting our experienced compliance team handle all the checks.

Broker platform

Secure FX services for your clients, under your own brand.

Provide your clients with a self-service portal, branded as your own, for them to manage and use to make trades.
Offer great rates to your clients on wide a range of payment options including spot and forward.
Onboard clients within 48 hours thanks to our integrated KYC/KYB platform.
Let us take care of security and compliance as a regulated FCA business with direct Bank of England connections.
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