Introducing the new Family & Friends Card from FairFX

The new Family & Friends Card is an easy way to give a FairFX Prepaid Mastercard® on your account to a family member or friend aged 13 or over. You load and manage the card from your existing login, giving you control and flexibility.

To order a new Family and Friends Card, go to the Card tab on your account page here.

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How do the cards work?

It’s slightly different from your normal FairFX card. Ready? To add funds to the card, you move them from an existing card rather than through a top-up.

Moving funds of the same currency

The primary card and the Family and Friends card need to be in the same currency. If you have multiple cards in the same currency you can use any of them to load a Family and Friends card. You can also move funds back from your Family and Friends Card to any of the other cards you have, just as long as they are in the same currency. Still with us? Great.

Card delivery

The card will have the cardholder’s name on it, rather than the account holder’s name, and will be delivered to the account holder's address.

Please note: Family and Friends Cards cannot be used to share funds in India.

Card price

The Family and Friends Cards are £6 each. Like standard FairFX cards, they are valid for 3 years from issue.

Things to Remember

Before you can order a Family and Friends Card, you must already have a standard FairFX card in that currency. For example, you cannot order a Family and Friends Card in Dollars if you only have a Euro card.

When you enter the new cardholder’s details, they will receive an email to confirm that they are 13 or over and choose their password, so make sure that you give an accurate email in the order process.

The Family and Friends Card will arrive with no balance on it, unlike a standard FairFX card.

The Family and Friends Card holder must be 13 or over.

The Family and Friends Card is to be used by the named cardholder only.

The Family and Friends Card cannot be used to share funds in India.

If you need any more information, we are always here to help at

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