FairFX Family & Friends Card

For our family and friends.
And yours.

Order a card for free and easily share money with friends, family and helpers.

Free to order, easy to use

Sign up

The person wanting to share money signs up for an Everywhere Card.


They then order additional cards, which are linked to the main Everywhere Card account.


Easily transfer money to the additional cards and give them to family, friends and helpers.

Why get a Family and Friends Card?

It’s a safe way to spend

A trip to the shops isn’t as simple as it once was. Now, those staying at home can share money simply and securely with those doing them a good turn.

You can save money

Spend online or in-store at over 40 well-known retailers like Sainsbury’s and Boots, you’ll earn 3.5% cashback for every transaction.

Setup is quick and straightforward

A Family and Friends Card will be issued in the name of the helper and delivered to the main account holder in a matter of days.

You can manage it online

Account holders can move funds between cards and check balances with the FairFX mobile app or online. Download our app on iOS and Android.

A closer look at how it works

  • Add money to an existing card and then move funds onto a Family and Friends Card on the website or app.
  • If you have multiple cards you can use any of them to add money to a Family and Friends card.
  • You can also move funds back from your Family and Friends Card to your own Everywhere Card.
  • The card will be delivered to the account holder’s address to activate and share when they’re ready.

Things to remember

Before you can order a Family and Friends Card, you must already have aFairFX Everywhere Card. When you enter your additional cardholder’s details, they will receive an email to confirm their details and choose their password, so make sure you give an accurate email in the order process.

The Family and Friends Card will arrive with no balance on it.

All Family and Friends cardholders must be 13 or over.

The Family and Friends Card is to be used by the named cardholder only.

Primary cardholders should be 18 years or older and have a registered UK address.

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