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How to save 10% on foreign currency

The key difference with the FairFX card is that it always uses the keenest forex rates, which are typically 3% above the best rates used by the banks and 6-7% above the worst. Add that advantage to the saving of the per-item debit card charges and you can easily save 10% on a set of foreign purchases. More...

Wednesday 21 November 2007, 03:24pm

Britons hit by hidden holiday charges

Travellers get hit every way they turn when spending abroad. Either they have to rely on carrying unwieldy and unsecured amounts of cash, suffer punitive charges for withdrawing cash from ATMs or use a debit or credit card which not only inflicts more hefty charges but also subjects them to a growing risk of fraud. More...

Wednesday 21 November 2007, 09:51am

FairFX launch new currency card

Commenting on the launch of FairFX's new currency card, Rob Kenley, head of credit cards at moneysupermarket.com, said: This card is good with its competitive exchange rate if you are going to spend big bucks. If that is the case, make sure you put at least £500 on it or you'll be charged a £9.95 fee... More ...

Tuesday 20 November 2007, 11:32am